Steel Frame Profile Forming Machine is designed to produce strong, light and slender frame structures in galvanized steel. Macformer ensures that standard components can be easily tailored for the needs of each project, they are quick and safe to install.

Steel frame structures have a wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial. Using start-stop technology, these machines can produce the basic structural frames to support the floors, roof and walls of a building: Stud, Track and Wall Angle.

Model MPSF3C12: Stud #90 #140 #200mm
Model MPGT2C12: Track #90 #140 #200mm; Wall Angle (30.0 x 25.00mm)

Steel Frame Profile Forming Machine offers high performance, low cost and long lifetime.

Operation and Maintenance:
1. Uncoiler: Mechanical uncoiling, can be adjusted to different coiler’s radius. Capacity up to 5 ton;

2. Automation System: The electric panel is easy to operate and offers the option of manual-automatic work. With the MMI (Man Machine Interface), it allows the operator to do three different programming at a time;

3. Roll set: Built in SAE 1045 steel - hard chrome plated – conferring larger durability and greater wear resistance to the rolls and optimal shape to the product. The transmission is made through chains and a 4HP motor power. Regular lubrication is required;

4. Cutting System: Automatic cutting system by hydraulic guillotine (4HP). The cutter follows perfectly the related shape, ensuring excellent finish to the workpiece;

Technical Specification

Length: 4000 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 1400 mm
Weight: 5000 KG
Voltage: 380V - 3PH
Productivity: 8.0 M/MIN
Total Power: 8.0 HP
Precision: 10M +-2
Plate Thickness: 0.4 - 0.75 mm

Items Produced

Stud (MPSF3C12)

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